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Line Rules

When to arrive

    Always arrive 10-15 minutes early to the designated location for performance or practice.  If practice starts at 5 pm.  You need to be there between 4:45 pm & 4:50 pm.



    Before every performance, we will meet at the Boys & Girls Club where you, and you alone, will load your assigned drum/equipment onto the trailer.  Instructors will not load the drums for you.  Therefore, if you arrive at a performance location without having loaded your equipment, do not expect to have something to play.


Not going to make it?

    Let the instructors know TWO DAYS before the day of practice and a minimum of TWO WEEKS before a performance if you can’t make it... otherwise you'll be marked for an Unexcused Absence.


Going to be late?

    Send us a text message, call us, send a chat, and etc THIRTY MINUTES BEFORE the practice begins.  Any messages sent AFTER the start time will count toward an Unexcused Absence. Three tardies leads to a suspension from the next practice or performance but you will still be required to attend.

    Note: Do not use another student to let us know about your tardiness or unplanned absence.  This will count toward an Unexcused Absence.

Two Unexcused Absences leads to a suspension. 


No Call, No Show’s

    You will be suspended for the next practice or performance but you will still be REQUIRED to attend the next practice or performance to help out.


Acceptable Excuses

    These are the only acceptable excuses:

        Medical or family emergencies and weddings.  


    If you have a special circumstance let us know!  We do ask that you bring a doctors note for those times a minor medical emergency happens and you cannot make it to a practice or performance.  This is your pass to not get a tardy/absence.


When NOT to call

    Performances: Instructors will not answer any performance related questions by phone, email, text, chat, or etc the morning before and during performances. We just don’t have the time to answer you.  Please refer to the website calendar.  If it’s an actual emergency, definitely reach out.


Personal Behavior

    If it's not acceptable at school, it’s not acceptable here.


85% Rule

    You are required to attend at least 85% of all practices and performances.  If this rule if broken we will invite you to audition again the next season.


If you date anyone on the drumline, you cannot quit if the relationship ends.

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